Our values are important because they fuel our decisions. What matters most to us has a tremendous impact on what we do every day. These four values represent a much larger body of important activities and
behaviors because these four things matter deeply to The Intersection.

God Matters.png

Everything begins and ends with God.  All that exists, does so by His will, His power and His doing; and all that exists is for His glory and praise.  Every moment of every  day, every decision we make should be
with God in mind and heart. 


People mattered to God so much that he gave his only son to die on the cross for our redemption and salvation. God calls upon us to love others as we desire to be loved.  people are God’s most treasured possession and therefore we should treat others with the kindness and love that demonstrate God’s heart toward all people. 

People Matter.png
Faith Matters.png

What we believe, what we know to be true comes from the Bible.  therefore we should become good students of the stories, examples and principles of the Bible
in order that our lives can be lived in
a way that pleases God and fulfills
His purposes for all of creation.


The Bible tells us “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”  not only does our mouth speak from what is in our hearts but the “tone” of our life can also be visual through our attitude.  If we truly are being transformed on the inner man then it should be visible in the attitude we
portray as we live out our lives.  if we
truly trust God, let it be visible.  If we
truly love others, let it be visible. 

Attitude Matters.png